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These days, wireless earphones bring us a convenient and unfettered feeling, and they are gradually recognized by the public, and the penetration rate is getting higher and higher. In the entry-level market, competition among brands is fierce, but it is more favourable for consumers.

The TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headset I got this time is the Baseus Bluetooth headset E3 at the price of Php1,299. It adopts a semi-in-ear wearable design with a built-in 13mm titanium film moving coil. It has a low-latency performance as low as 0.06s, and supports flash charging. But one of the features that surprised me the most is that it also supports APP location. In terms of battery life, it can be used with a charging case for up to 20-25 hours, and the earphone unit can last for about 5 hours with one charge. It's pretty good, and in the following, I will give you the actual experience.

The packaging box is relatively small and quite exquisite, like a gift box. On the front is the picture of the earphone with the Baseus LOGO printed on the upper left corner. The product features and its various parameters are marked on the side and the bottom of the box. ▼

List of product accessories in the package: charging case, charging cord, cartoon sticker and paper manual▼

The charging case is very compact in size, and the pure white paint mirror process looks very simple and sleek. Its rounded shape makes it very comfortable to hold. In terms of texture, it is much better than those cheap Bluetooth earphones. The weight of 35g makes is really light and travel-friendly. The letter Baseus logo is printed on the front of the box with an indicator light above, which is convenient to check the real-time status▼

There is a physical button on the back of the case for function switching and reset▼

At the bottom is a type-C charging port, which is universal and convenient to be charged with a type-c cable when hanging out. At the same time, you can also see the CE certification mark there▼

The upper cover of the case is a flip-top design with a magnetic force, which is convenient to use. There is a certain resistance to opening/closing the cover, and the closure is also very firm. The earbud unit is also magnetically adsorbed, so you don't have to worry about it coming out in the daily carrying ▼

The earbud unit adopts a semi-in-ear design, which is comfortable to wear and does not swell the ears. I personally think that if there is no need for noise reduction, this semi-in-ear wearing method is the most comfortable, and also takes into account the effect of sound quality. With only 4g in weight, there will be no obvious sense of burden▼

On the side of the earbud, you can see the ergonomic process design, which makes the wearing experience more comfortable. At the same time, it supports touch control on the back side of the unit, which better increases the user's convenient use experience▼

It is worth mentioning the 0.06s low-latency feature of the Baseus E3 earbuds that can be set on the APP side. It is very nice for users who are into playing mobile games. The actual use experience is the excellent performance in synchronization of audio and video. Communication with teammates is also very timely when playing games, the sound quality of the call is clear without noise, and the connection stability is also very good. During this period of personal use, there has not been a single disconnection ▼

Baseus E3 also supports APP settings. The first time you use it, you need to establish a connection with the APP on your phone. The steps are very simple, just follow the prompts, and you can easily get it done in one minute▼

At the main interface, you can see the appearance diagram of the earbuds. Below is the remaining battery display. The lower part is the entrance of gesture setting and location. In the gesture setting, you can personalize the touch function settings by defining double-click, triple-click, long-press. At the bottom, you can see the low-latency mode toggle. The function of location is also very convenient to use and accurate in location. This is also a practical function surprising me a lot▼

In terms of experience of wearing, because the earphone unit is a semi-in-ear device with an ergonomic design, there is no obvious sense of incongruity when wearing it, and there is no feeling of clamping and discomfort. From an onlooker's point of view, the appearance of the headset is definitely in.▼

It is with touch sensor on the outside of the earbud and you can control it blindly. It is easy to use, and you can also customize the setting function on the APP, which is a very user-friendly feature.

Although the first hearing with the Baseus E3 earbuds is not so amazing, the rendering of the sound effect is relatively natural, the performance of the three frequencies is balanced, no harshness at the high frequency, the intermediate frequency is clear and delicate, and the resolution at the low frequency is nice but not deep enough, which is a common problem of this semi-in-ear unit in terms of bass performance. In addition, the advantage of the TWS headset is that it can be easily used in different scenarios, and users are free from restraint of wires.▼


The overall performance of the Baseus E3 earbuds as a Php1,299 TWS Bluetooth headset is quite amazing to me. Due to its flash charging function, it can run for 2 hours with 10 minutes of charging. The 0.06s low-latency technology is very useful for gaming and entertainment. It can achieve audio and video synchronization, clear call sound quality, and excellent battery life. It can be used with a charging case for up to 20-25 hours, and the unit can last for about 5 hours at a time. In terms of sound quality, the three-band performance is relatively balanced, though, due to its semi-in-ear unit design, it may not be excellent in bass. The unexpected function is that It can realize APP location, and the position is accurate. As an entry-level headset, it is much cost-effective.

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