Compact yet Powerful! - ShowSee A1-W Hairdryer Review

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▲ I was overjoyed when I first obtained the opportunity to participate in the product testing. Small size doesn't mean lack of power. Here's my review and user experience sharing of the stylish and compact #ShowSeeA1 hair dryer.

▲ I was still considering where to start my formal review when I noticed the seal in the form of a sealed courier bag. Although I'm quite familiar with this type of packaging feature, it's the first time I've seen it on a tech product. I heard that this packaging method is patented, which adds a fresh touch to it.

▲ Hair dryers, as a common household appliance that has been popular for decades, are not easy to innovate in terms of design, especially when considering the price point, which is roughly equivalent to three cups of Starbucks coffee. Essentially, the ShowSee hair dryer comes with a main unit and a concentrator nozzle kit, and that's about it. If you insist on asking if anything was missed, after shaking the packaging box, the only thing left is an instruction manual that stylistically matches the main unit. ▲ Now let's take a look at the appearance of the ShowSee hair dryer. This white color? Let's call it matte white for now since the entire surface has a matte finish. With a responsible and serious attitude towards sharing, I examined its texture, which is neither slippery nor prone to fingerprints. It's quite good. Despite its small size, the ShowSee hair dryer boasts a high aesthetic appeal. The design is quite cute, compact, and in line with the current trend of minimalist fashion. It's neither flashy nor luxurious. I took a look at the official website and discovered that this is the only available color, which is more suitable for girls and young guys. As a middle-aged gentleman like myself, I actually has an inner desire for a black color option.

▲ Another appealing aspect conveyed by the appearance is the nearly equal diameter of the front and back sections. It almost resembles a straight cylinder, with the air outlet covered by a tight metal mesh. At first glance, you can tell it's a product from a reputable manufacturer, as there are no plastic burrs like those found on the cheap hair dryers that cost around Php300 -something bucks, which I has encountered before.

▲ The fan blades inside the air intake are clearly visible. Despite its compact size, this hair dryer delivers a significant airflow during actual testing. It lives up to its positioning as a quick-drying device, which is likely due to its ability to provide a sufficient amount of air intake.

▲ The design of the control handle matches the overall simplicity of the hair dryer. It features a slide-type switch with two airflow settings and a cold shot button. This control configuration differs slightly from the control modes I have seen before. I'll explain the specific differences later on.

▲ The duckbill-shaped nozzle is a familiar feature for anyone who has used a hair dryer before. There's not much to say about it. As for the installation method, there's no innovation there either. Simply align the nozzle with the designated slot, snap it in place, and it's securely attached.

▲ Now let's talk about the unseen aspects. Although the design is simple, the hair dryer still promotes the slogan of hair protection, based on several functions it provides. The first one is the well-known negative ions. What are they primarily used for? To put it simply, they help eliminate static electricity. Without getting rid of those frizzy hair, how can one achieve any desired hairstyle? As for the concept of a high concentration of negative ions at 20 million ions per cubic centimeter, it's a bit difficult to grasp. Let's just assume that the more, the better.

▲ The second function is the 1800W power, which is the key to quick drying. Based on the information I found during a quick search, most hair dryers of similar size have a power rating of around 1600W. So, the ShowSee hair dryer does have an advantage in this regard.

▲ The third function is the constant temperature hair care feature. Ah, that's right! This function is indeed very important. Protect, protect, protect—important things need to be said three times. I conducted a small test without using the concentrator nozzle, and whoosh! My little wooden block went flying... If the airflow is not well-controlled in terms of maintaining a constant temperature, we can imagine how our hair would feel. After all, we're just drying our hair, not styling it with heat.

▲ Typically, hair dryers either have a push-button or a slide-switch operation, with two heat settings and, in some cases, a separate cool air setting. But with the ShowSee hair dryer, its compact size doesn't mean it lacks power. In terms of user experience, you'll find yourself clicking and pressing the buttons. This particular design has the hot air automatically activated upon turning on the device. If you need cool air, simply press the circular knob on the handle to switch to the cool air mode. And if you need alternating warm and cool air... just press and release the button intermittently. The pressing action feels quite responsive and linear.

▲ Let's put it to the test! I specifically washed my hair for this. Without towel-drying it excessively, I wanted to maintain a typical, normal wetness level. Due to the specific hairstyle I have, I was able to test the drying effect on both short and medium-length hair. Indeed, with this airflow, the shorter sections on the sides were almost dry within a few passes, while the entire hair drying process didn't even take a full minute.

▲ One commendable aspect is that when drying, the airflow is not too far away from the scalp, and there's no intense sensation of heat. When drying the longer sections, the coverage area is sufficient, but I did notice that achieving a completely dry result required a bit more effort, especially if I wanted to add some styling and volume. In such cases, using a concentrator attachment would be the best choice to maintain focused airflow.

▲ With the concentrator attachment in place, the drying effect is significantly enhanced, and it effectively increases the airflow in specific areas. Pressing the cool air button allows you to feel the temperature switch, although the transition is quite fast. The typical hand-held hair drying technique relies mainly on airflow and some auxiliary styling maneuvers. With this dryer, it's almost effortless to achieve a quick and easy styling result.

Since my hairstyle is quite simple and only requires a quick ponytail to dry, I couldn't observe any particularly noticeable effects. However, I could feel that the hair dryer has a smooth and comfortable grip, which is satisfying overall. The entire drying process took approximately 3-4 minutes, with a few refreshing transitions between hot and cool air. If one focuses on the step of using hot air first and then switching to cool air, the drying time could potentially be faster.

▲ Another issue that needs to be mentioned is the noise level. After all, the hair dryer is compact in size, powerful in wattage, and has a large fan diameter. So, does it generate a lot of noise? In the area close to the air intake, I measured the noise level fluctuating around 98 decibels, with a peak of 105 decibels during a slight jolt. From a subjective perspective, it feels similar in sound level to one of the larger hair dryers in sir's household, while the other smaller one produces a higher-pitched noise that is quite surprising.

▲ Overall, I find this little device quite practical. Here's a summary:


  1. Compact size, sleek design, and overall aesthetic appeal. It looks classy and fits well in any setting. The hand feel is also pleasant.
  2. The airflow volume and speed meet the requirements for daily use. It is sufficient for regular usage.
  3. The temperature control is comfortable to operate, and the transition between hot and cold air is fast. The hot air is not scorching, and the cold air is not too cool.
  4. It is lightweight, so holding it up for a while, even for blow-drying long hair, should not be burdensome.

I am quite satisfied with most aspects, but why couldn't they make a collapsible handle? Are they saving it for the next generation? Not happy about that!


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