Hundreds of thousands of people are buying up this plam-size fan

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Every day commuting on the roads, making an outside trip, being exposured in the sun, I'm almost dried out in minutes.
What's more terrible is that within 2 minutes, the body is already drenched in sweat. It's stiflingly hot, really.
As far as girls' concerned, they also face the threat of the damage of makeup.
So, it's preferable to have a portable fan carried with yourself when you go out on hot days.
But most fans I've tried are not so satisfying.
Either they're too big to carry, or the wind force is too week. And some look so awkward. One thing I can't bear with is the poor endurance, running out of battery soon.
Isn't there a small fan that is mini, portable, powerful, endurable and also has good look?
Of course! This treasure-like fan is! #JisulifeF8 is the one that was sold up to 100K+ in one month since its launch online and has cumulative sales of more than 5 million pcs and 4.9 ranking by more than 140K praises.
High-value, ultra-durable, cool all day long.
The upgraded bear fan, whether in terms of wind power, battery life, safety, and quietness, excels most small fans at the same price.
It's so cute, only a little bigger than a lipstick, handily available, no space occupied in your bag.
You may be curious where its blades are.
It's actually a foldable design and the blades only unfold when it's open. No matter where you go, you can enjoy the cool breeze.
Complete functions it has.
  • Handheld, or stand on the table.
  • UAV-style fan blades have strong wind power in both gears.
  • Up to 46 hours cooling time, perform as a power bank as well.
  • Automatic stop at a touch, its soft blades make no injury to people.
    I have to say it's definitely the best mini fan I've ever used after experiencing.

    1. Strong wind force with 3-gear adjustable
        UAV-style fan blade design

    The small fans I used in the past either had fan blades or a cover. They're not pretty, and not easy to put in a pocket, and some were easy to get dusty.
    The foldable design of the bear fan makes it easier to store and carry.
    Put it away, it's a little bear that can fit into your pocket. The fan blades are also protected from being squeezed.
    It has a lanyard opening, which is cute to hang on the bag, and it is easy to use.
    Its foldability design is not just a storage for its blades, it can also be switched between vertically and handheld flexibly.
    • Handheld. You can enjoy the cool breeze on the hot street at any time.

    • Stand-on. It can be half-folded in stand on the desk firmly, transforming into a desktop fan to free you hands.

      Tour, picnic, it's one of your must-have gadgets to expel heat.

      In short, with it, you won't be afraid of hangout on a hot day.

      UAV-style fan blade design - powerful and comfortable

      Have you tried a fan with insufficient wind? That's just like tickling instead of cooling down.
      While the bear fan is sensationally windy, with a maximum wind speed of 36 km/h, which is equivalent to 4-5 level wind.
      The wind can reach your face and neck at the same time, enjoy the refreshing air while cooling down.
      At its 1st gear speed, it feels like taking a cool day by the lake. The breeze is slow, comfortable and pleasing.
      Switching to its 2nd gear, it's a bit stronger but still soft, feeling the cool wind stroking your face.
      Normally, the first gear is enough, but the second gear will be more effective if you're exposed to the heat or squeezed in a smelly jeepney. Different gears are suitable for different occasions, and each gear is a natural experience.
      The secret of the wind of bear fan is that it uses the silent propeller of the drone and the brushless DC motor: high wind speed, low energy consumption, low noise, and the experience is far beyond those plastic sheets of ordinary fans.
      And it was after many times of mold design and thousands of experiments that the drone technology was successfully transplanted to the bear fan. This is also an innovation that many other fans do not have.

      2. Smart foldable and portable design
          Used both in hands and on desktop

      Have you ever used a fan that charges 2 hours but blows for 20 minutes? The battery life is so poor that it can totally be thrown away.
      While this upgraded bear fan adopts a lithium battery that is only used in new energy electric automobiles.
      A built-in 4800mAh battery can continuously blow for 5 days with a full charge.
      It can last for 46 hours in the first gear,16 hours in the 2nd gear, and 11 hours at the highest speed.
      With a full charge, it can run through your woke early in the morning, afternoon nap, and return home in the evening, keeping you cool all day long.
      It only has 175g in weight, lighter than a cup of milk, easily fit into your pocket, effortless for a young girl.
      Moreover, it can also be used as a power bank. With a full battery, it can charge an iPhone from zero to full. It's a safeguard when the phone is out of power.
      Also, it has a LED light at the bottom, turning to a flashlight in seconds.
      Since I have it, heat, darkness, and dead mobile phone not a case. Super practical.

      No injury to hands, low noise, a must-have magic gadget in summer

      Maybe you have concerns whether it's safe without a grilled cover?
      Its blades are made of high-quality TPE soft rubber, tender in texture, smooth at its edge, safe and cut-proof.
      It also has an automatic interception design, which will stop when it bumps something. It doesn't cause your hands hurt or ache as you hit it, and no worry to twist your hair as well.
      In addition, compared to ordinary handheld fans, it ensures stability and silence while it's running.
      No more annoyance in the offices, subways, and elevators.
      Moreover, it's really a trend these days! Quite a lot of social media influencers are recommending it, especially popular.
      It has three color versions, cool white, ins-style pink, and classic brown.
      A must-have magic gadget for going out in summer, walking with wind, love, love~
      How much do you think this bear fan, a transformer of handheld fan, desktop fan, powerful wind force, power bank, flashlight? As low as Php399. Click the link here to shop now.


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