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In a rainy season, there's a specially muggy sensation. It seems cloudy and no sun, but the air is full of dampness and sultriness. If you're a phtotographer like me, always outdoors, or bustling around in the studio, you'll feel hot soon as the sweat is sticky on your skin, very uncomfortable. 

So I bought this one, JISULIFE Bladeless Neck Fan. After a few days of experience, I have to say I feel so good and would like to share it with you guys.

As a photogarapher, appearance is always one of essentials when I pick a product. Unlike other neck fans, this bladeless neck fan is awesomely pretty. The contoured shape looks exclusive, and the air outlets are arranged in a 360-degree all-round way, excluding the headache caused by other neck fans that direct blows towards your face.

It's made excellently in the shell workmanship, without any obvious burrs or irregular seam. The air inlets are also of circular design, really fitting the overall line. A brand logo is printed on one side, which looks low-key, restrained, and unassuming, but actually special and high-end all the time, even a focus in Starbucks.
The fan in all has only one physical button that minimize the possiblity of mishandling. Long press is to switch on/off, short press is to adjust the gear of the wind power, simple and clear, eay to use. Moverover, it considerately marks the left and right postions, making no error in directions usually caused by beginners.
The overall appearance accords with ergonomic design. Hangging on the neck, it's like a neck massager we usally use, without any burden.

I chose the timeless classic white, so that it can easily hold clothes of any style and color, free from hassles of matching clothes.


The charging port of this neck fan is the mainstream type-C and it lasts long with one full charge. However, I'd like to remind guys that despite of its comfort of cooling and heat dissapation , it's improper for long-term blowing. After all, there're quite a lot of vessels at your neck so you'd be better to control the use time and wind force.
By clicking the link here, you could grab one for yourself as well.


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