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In fact, noise-canceling headphones have already entered the field of retail consumption for long. At first, they were designed to reduce flight noise for pilots. Noise-canceling headphones originated from BOSE, and then slowly entered the civilian field.

However, the popularity of noise-canceling headphones is credited to Apple. The release of AirPorts Pro has enabled noise-canceling headphones to suddenly enter the field of ordinary consumers, especially the split design, which is utterly divorced from the design of traditional noise-canceling headphones. For the first time, consumers could know that noise-canceling headphones can be so portable as well.

And then, other brands of noise-canceling headphones have also emerged. Today, we bring you the Baseus S1 active noise-canceling headphones at a very affordable price. The price of Php2,199 is capable of bringing the ANC active noise-canceling feature. Now let’s have a look at what magic it has.


If you have bought a Baseus product before, you will be a bit familiar with this packaging. Baseus has formed its own unique packaging style. From the appearance, you can tell that is a Baseus product.

In the lower right corner is the "ANC" active noise reduction sign with silver hot stamping, emphasizing its active noise reduction function.

In the upper right corner is the bright yellow brand logo of "Baseus", which is very eye-catching and outstanding.

In the box, the earphones and the charging case are not assembled together. At the top is the manual, and at the bottom are the extra silicone caps and a charging cable.

The earphone shape is the current mainstream in-ear type, which is comfortable to wear and is also able to isolate external noise.

The lower end is two charging contacts and a pickup microphone. When I took this picture, I burst out laughing. It’s just like an emoji with a surprised expression.

Its charging case is very compact with an overall size of  61 x 46 x 24mm. With glossy polishing, it looks very cute and round. Of course, it should not be placed in the bag together with sharp objects such as keys to avoid scratching.

At the bottom is a USB-C charging port, which is the mainstream among new electronic devices. In 2021, if some headphones still use a Micro-USB charging port, you can give up buying them. The USB-C charging port brings you more convenience and frees you from carrying more cables on a trip.

The battery and status indicators are cleverly hidden at the opening interface. The built-in battery capacity of the charging box is 380mAh, which is sufficient for whole day use. A drawback is that this battery indicator may be a bit invisible during the day.

I still remember when the wireless earphones first appeared, the pairing of the left and right earphones was really annoying. The main and auxiliary earphones were divided, and they could not keep connected all the time. Now, Baseus S1 active-noise-cancelation earphones can be easily recognized just as you open their lid. It is capable of instantly connecting to an iPhone or an Android phone, which is very smooth and convenient.

Wearing experience

Each earphone weighs 3.5g and has a length of 33mm. It has an excellent cavity shape and comes with two sets of silicone caps of different sizes, which can adapt to most people. Wearing proper earbuds that suits your ear canal brings comfort and can effectively isolate external noise.

We can see that the stress points between the earphone and the auricle are mainly on both sides of the earphone, and the handle is not stressed, which means that you would not have falling feel when wearing it and have no sense of swollon.

Sound Quality Experience

In addition to excellent wearing, good headphones cannot be inseparable from sound quality.

The Baseus S1 Active-Noise-Cancelling earbud is equipped with a 10mm moving coil unit and uses a high-density composite diaphragm. At the same time, the wireless transmission is the Bluetooth protocol version 5.1. These excellent hardware are also the basis for sound quality.

As a noise-cancelling headset that costs around PHP2,000, the sound quality is worthy of the price, and it even feels that noise reduction is a gift.

The bass is not very outstanding, but quite powerful, the vocals are more obvious, and the treble is average, which is in line with the performance of headphones at this price.

Noise Cancellation Experience

ANC is the killer feature of this headset. At an affordable price of PHP2,000, it has the ANC feature that is usually equipped in exclusively expensive earphones.

Baseus S1's active noise cancellation has two modes, ambient monitoring and active noise reduction.

The ambient monitoring function is specifically applied to amplify the ambient sound as the human voice you hear is more obvious, and your own voice will also be amplified. This is especially suitable for use when someone suddenly talks to you while listening to a song.

On the other hand, the active noise cancellation mode will neutralize the ambient noise around by actively creating reverse sonic wave, greatly reducing the ambient sound from entering the ears. It is particularly suitable for noisy environments such as buses and offices.

Based on this price, I’m quite satisfied with its noise reduction effect. It can’t be as excellent as Apple Airpods but is absolutely worth its price.


At a price around Php2,000, true wireless and active noise cancellation, two functions come together, which was completely unimaginable before, but now the Baseus SIMU S1 ANC Bluetooth headset has achieved it, and the sound quality and noise reduction function are balanced.

If you want to try the entry-level ANC wireless headphones, and want to improve the current commute or work noise, the Baseus S1 is a good choice.

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