Baseus Gen2 Display Wireless Charger 15W

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This wireless charger is the winner of iF Design Award 2022. Up to 15W output, it's able to recharge your device faster even compared to an ordinary wall charger. With the digital display, you could know the charging power and voltage in real time. Its trickle charging protects your devices against over-charge. Its sensing distance is less than or equal to 8mm so you can charge a phone with a case. With the FOD detection feature, it's safer against foreign objects.

⭐ Intuitive Display to Eliminate Anxiety
Power and voltage are shown alternatively, allowing you to be aware of the charging status.

⭐ 15W Full Speed Just Set Down to Charge
Downward compatible with various output powers of 10W, 7.5W, and 5W.

⭐ Compatible with Wireless Charging Apple 12
It is compatible with QC and PD adaptors as well as Apple or Android devices and can recognize the power of charging devices.

⭐ About 2 Hours to Full Charge Pods Pro
Specially optimized to support charging of low-power devices such as earphones, etc.

⭐ Trickle Charging against Over-Charge
Smart recognition of power and auto-switch to trickle charging prevent a phone from overcharging.

⭐ The Larger the Coil, the Stronger the Induction
A large coil offers higher charging efficiency and lower power consumption.

⭐ Strict Temperature Control
When the temperature exceeds the critical value, over-temperature protection enables automatically by a built-in sensor.

⭐ Fast Charge a Phone with a Case
Sensing distance is less than or equal to 8mm for equally fast sensing speed when charging a phone with a case.

⭐ Better for Using with a Cord
With a 1.5m charging cable, no need to buy an extra charging cable

Brand: Baseus
Name: Baseus Digital LED Display Gen 2 Wireless Charger
Model.: BS-W526
Input: 5V⎓2A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓2A
Output: 15W Max.
Transmission Frequency: 115-205kHz
Size: 112*100*7mm
Weight: 85.5g