Baseus Halo Series Magnetic Metal Ring(2 pcs/pack)

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The Baseus Magnetic Metal Ring increases magnetic suction force, offering a secure and reliable attraction for magsfe charger and phone holder. With a strong 3M adhesive, you can count on a firm hold with no residue left behind. This metal ring is also incredibly thin at 0.4mm so you almost can't feel its existence. 

 Increase magnetic suction force

⭐ 3M adhesive is firm and leaves no mark on your phone

⭐ 0.4mm ultra thin

⭐ Stainless iron enhances durability

Brand: Baseus
Name: Baseus Halo Series Magnetic Metal Ring(2 pcs/pack)
Material.: Stainless Iron + 3M Adhesive
Size: 55 x 0.4mm
Weight: Silver 2.4g, Black 3.8g



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