Baseus Graceful Car Fragrance Lite

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This car air freshener provides a fresh, long-lasting scent, and thanks to its compact design, it won't be conspicuous or take up much space. You can easily attach it to the air vents. The air freshener uses vegetable oils, providing a delicate and fresh scent throughout the car. It eliminates the smell of cigarettes and other bad odors, and is also safe for pregnant women and babies. One tablet of frangrance can last up to 60 days, with 2 refills, it can be used for 120 days in total.

⭐ Hidden Style Installation
Mini compact design, can be installed in a concealed manner on the air vent.

⭐ Top-of-the-Line Aromatizers
Made from safe and healthy pure plant extracts.

⭐ 2 Accompanying Fragrances
Our large fragrance tablet qives you 60 days of aromatic freshness.

⭐ Magnetic Cover
The diffuser cover is maqnetically fixed securely for convenience when changingfragrances.

⭐ Integrated Clip Design
The compact sized clip can be conveniently fastened onto the air vent..

Brand: Baseus
Name: Graceful Car Fragrance Lite
Model: BS-CX006
Material: PP
Color: Ocean Blue, Alpine Green
Scent duration: 60 days
Fragrance reed shelf life: 3 years
Fragrance: Cologne Allure,Marine Freedom
Accessories: Fragrance refills *2
Fix Position: Air Vent Mount/Air Outlet
Install Way: Clip/Clamping Style
Weight: 80g
Size: 14mm*50mm*28mm