Portable Folding Metal Laptop Stand

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Easily mount your phone to your motorcycle or bicycle with the Motorcycle One-touch Phone Holder. It securely locks with a one-touch system and is designed to remain stable while driving with its aluminum alloy arm. It can be be rotated and adjusted to the height you prefer. Enjoy your ride with a secure, easy-to-use phone holder.


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The Folding Metal Laptop Stand is the perfect combination of convenience and stability. Crafted from aluminium alloy and oxidation technology for resilience, it can support up to 40kg of weight and is adjustable in 6 levels. With a folding design, it is lightweight and travel-friendly. Sturdy and compact, it's the ideal companion for working on the go.

 ⭐Aluminium alloy with oxidation technology for resilience

⭐Stable triangle design, support up to 40kg of weight

⭐Adjustable in 6 levels of height

⭐Lightweight and travel-friendly folding design

⭐Sturdy and compact


Name: Aluminium Alloy Creative Laptop Stand

Model: N3

Material: AluminIum alloy, Silicone

Technology: Oxidation

Adjustable Height: 5 levels, 55-155mm

Weight: 261g

Dimensions: 240mm x 40mm


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