Jisulife FA42 Mini Handheld Turbo Fan 2000mAh/4500mAh

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Designed with a front cover and hidden fan blades, JISULIFE upgraded FA42 handheld fan is a combination of aesthetics in design and 100% safety for kids. Keeping you cool and fresh rather than unbearable heat on the go. Featured with curved air turbo design and supercharging technology, JISULIFE mini handheld fan is able to gather air more effectively and delivers powerful wind. Ideal for travel, outdoor sports or even makeup and eyelash.

⭐ Mini size, 2000mAh/4500mAh large capacity for 7hrs cooling.

⭐ Super power from aircraft engine turbine technology.

⭐ High-performance brushless motor, curved turbo fan.

⭐ Ergonomically & portable design for easily hold on hand.

⭐ One Button Control- short press to cycle 3 modes and shutdown, long press to shutdown at any gear.

Product name: Super-mini Turbo Fan
Model: FA42
Battery cell: lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: 2000mAh (7.4Wh/3.7V)
Input: 5V= 2.0A MAX
Fan power: 5W MAX
Fan wind speed: 4 m/s MAX
Charging time: 4-5h
Working time: 2-7hrs
Product weight: 120g
Dimension: 62(L)*47(W)*152(H)mm


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