ShowSee A11 Anion Constant-Heat Hairdryer

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This newly upgraded hair dryer, ShowSee A11-R, brings 4 new features that significantly improves drying and styling experience. The most eye-catching upgrade is the constant-heat control, which can keep the temperature at 55°C even in different conditions. It mostly cares for the hair cuticle and protect the protein from extreme heat damage. A built-in anion generator produces up to 2 millions/cm³/s of negative ions reaching each strand of hair for a smooth and shiny finish. A 1800W power of motor is strong yet quiet with ANC technology, drying your long hair in minutes.

⭐ 55°C constant-heat control carefully protects your hair from extreme heat damage

⭐ 20 millions/cm³ of anion are emitted to neutralize the static, moisturize the hair, and reduce split ends.

⭐ 1800W high power, the speed of the air is as high as 7.4m/s, bringing a faster drying and better styling experience.

⭐ EHD(Electrohydrodynamic) heat-balancing distribution technology makes the airflow streamlined and smooth, drying your hair instead of burning it.

⭐ Magnetic dual layers of insulation nozzle is easier to mount and take off.

⭐ As short as 10cm tube, lighter and easier to hold and store.

⭐ 1.8m super long PVC power cord, thick and durabl.

Model: A11-R
Weight: 475g
Color: Berry Red
Rated Input: 220V 50Hz
Rated Power: 1800W
Motor Speed: 18000rmp
Wind Speed: 7.4m/s
Cord Length: 1.8m
Package weight: 740g
Product Size: 10 x 7.5 x 26.9 cm