ShowSee F1 Electric Shaver

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Designed in Milan, ShowSee Electric electric shaver is definetly a good choice of men. The minimalist body and high-grade tactile coating give you a smooth feel. The vertical body design makes it easier to place and prevent it from rolling off. Set 3 functions in one button: smart travel lock, cleaning reminder, battery indicator. Easy to control and maintanence. 3D Independent suspension shaving head design with Superior high-grade German ThyssenKrupp steel, perfectly fits the angle of the face. The 800mA high-energy and high-density lithium battery can last for 90 minutes with one charge, 30 days of usage available!

⭐ Triple independent suspension blades - Elastic veneer for omnidirectional shaving, the men's electric shavers head moves side-to-side and back-and-forth, following individual contours for the ultimate in close, personalized comfort, all for a smooth and quick shave.

⭐ High speed noise reduction motor - A high-performance 2900rpm/min high-speed motor smoothly powers blades through even thick, dense hair with ease. Independent R&D of vibration and noise reduction shaving head structure, lower the shaving noise to only 65 dm

⭐ Intelligent prevent-pinch system - The intelligent power supply system keep the blades at a constant speed and maintain the cutting force suitable for shaving without pulling,

⭐ IPX7 waterproof - IPX7 full body waterproof, supports both wet and dry shaving.

⭐ Type-c fast charging - 1.5 hours fast charging and 3 minutes super-fast charging. Charge 3 minutes for 3 minutes' emergency shaving. Charge 1.5 hours to get a full charge, you will have 90 mins long-lasting power!


Name: ShowSee F1-BK Electric Shaver

Material: ABS, Steel

Model: F1-BK

Color: Black

Input Power: 5V, 1A

Input Port: Type-C

Battery: 800mAh

Weight: 155g

Size: 160mm*55mm*34.2mm