Yoobao EN600S Portable Power Station 600W 135,200mAh

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Yoobao EN600S power station offers an emergent power supply for your electrical appliances and electronic devices. With its powerful output of up to 600W, its pure sine wave is super friendly for daily household appliances in excellent condition. It supports dual charging inputs simultaneously, allowing it to be fully charged in 2 hours. It brings to users up to 10 port outputs, including 2 AC220V outputs, 3 USB outputs, 2 PD type-c outputs, 2 DC outputs, and 1 cigar lighter output. Adopting an automobile-grade EVA lithium-ion power battery, its capacity is up to 135,200mAh, offering 50 times recharging your phone(10Wh).

⭐ Dual 220V 600W Pure Sine Wave Outputs

⭐ 135,200mAh EVA lithium-ion Battery

⭐ Dual Fast Charging 300W Inputs, Fully Charged in 2 Hours

⭐ 10 Ports in Total (2xAC220V + 3xUSB3.0 + 2xPD + 2xDC + 1xCigar Lighter )

⭐ 60W PD Fast Charging Output/Input

⭐ Big Colorful Display

⭐ Aviation Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Shell for Faster Dissipation

⭐ 5W High-brightness LED Light

⭐ Smart Chips for Multiple Charging Protection

⭐ Compatible with Mainstream Quick Charging Protocols, such as PD3.0, QC3.0, FCP...

Model: EN600S
Capacity: 135200mAh/3.7V/500Wh(TYP)
Color: Gray
Inverter Output: AC 220V-50Hz 600W(Max) (Pure Sine Wave)
AC Output 1: 220V-600W
AC Output 2: 220V-600W
AC Output 1 + AC Output 2 Total: 220V-600W
DC Output 1: 12V=10A
DC Output 2: 12V=10A
Total DC Output: DC 12V= 10A(DC-1+DC-2)
Car charger output: DC 12V= 10A
DC input 1: 12V~24V=1A~10A(Max120W, standard charger in packaging is 100W)
DC input 2: 12V~24V=1A~10A
DC input 3: 12V~24V=1A~10A
GX20 Input: 16.8V=12A(Max 200W) (GX20 Power Adapter is not included)
Total Input: 320W(Max, DC+GX20)
Type-C1 Input: DC 5V=4A/9V=2.2A/12V=1.67A (PD20W)
Type-C1 Output: DC 5V=4A/9V=2.2A/12V=1.67A (PD20W)
Type-C2 Input : DC 5V=3A/9V=3A/12V=3A/15V=3A/20V=3A(MAX 60W)
Type-C2 Output: DC 5V=3A/9V=3A/12V=3A/15V=3A/20V=3A(MAX 60W)
USB-1 output: DC 5V= 2.4A
USB-2 output: DC 5V=3A/9V=2.3A/12V=1.7A(MAX 18W)
USB-3 output: DC 5V=3A/9V=2.3A/12V=1.7A(MAX 18W)
USB 2+USB 3 output: DC 5V=3A/9V=2.3A/12V=1.7A(MAX 18W)
Total output: 5V=4.8A
Power of Flashlight: 5W
Charging Time: 2 hrs(with 100W DC charger + 200W GX20 charger), 6hrs(with 100W DC charger)
Material of shell: Flame retardant ABS resin + Aluminum alloy
Dimension: 192 x 192 x 250mm
Weight: 8.8kg (About)


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